Thursday, 10 March 2011

hello from firebellyart

I'm an artist living in Falkirk, Scotland. I draw, paint and create textiles, using mostly felt and threads.
The question asked 'where are we now?' has given an opening to some realisations for me, or rather it has made me acknowledge my working patterns as an artist in relation to the rest of my life (because if we want to know where we are now it helps to know where we've been). This is relevant in many different ways but I have to start with me before I can widen the context. Of course our work changes with us and with our varying situations in life but it has only been very recently that I have made a conscious decision to look back to look at how my work has changed over the years. It relates directly to what is happening in my life. My work translates my emotions and in terms of paint, canvas, needles and felt I most defintely wear my heart on my sleeve. There are periods of inactivity follwed my almost panic times of production. There are paintings that reflect contentment and those that reflect distress. It has been a real eye-opener to look over these images and think about what my life was like when I made them.

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  1. hi, thanks karen it's really interesting the way you describe how you work changes as it translates your emotions, and i love the abstract nature of your work, perhaps you'd post a couple of images?