03 December · 10:00 - 13:00


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An international feminist activist conference, London, Saturday 3 December 2011

'Challenging Porn Culture' is an exciting one-day conference bringing together academics and activists from the US, Australia, Norway and the UK for a day of feminist analysis and strategising to combat the global pornography industry and the mainstreaming of pornography. Speakers include Prof Gail Dines from USA, Prof Jennifer Johnson, Dr Karen Boyle and Dr Julia Long. Activist groups contributing to panels include the London Feminist Network, OBJECT, Stop Porn Culture, the Women's Support Project and Ottar (Norway); many more will be participating.

There was a time when the sex industry couldn't do business without being picketed and critiqued; they think those times are gone. NOT ON OUR WATCH!

Join us and be part of this conference and part of the global feminist movement against the mainstreaming of porn and the sex industry. Take back our culture.